But when the time is right...

Change of Pace

We wait until the moment is gone to begin to love the beginning of our story.
We fail to write sentences that make sense,
because we are extraordinarily, unusually lost.
We write slowly in a baby’s comprehension.
We breathe heavily on an English composition.
We love lightly because we’re our only competition,
Until we end up alone…

4 waiting until you’re ready
Smeared Eyeliner & Faded Lipstick, 2nd edition, page 91

Stop waiting for the right time to love,
to live,
to walk in your purpose,
to listen to God,
to make a difference.
Stop composing in braille & begin to write your vision in ink!

Be ready at all times!

1 comment :

Natasha Brown said...

This IS right on time! Amen.

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